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Please take few minutes to read comments below from my satisfied clients. They tell you ALL...

I interviewed three prospects for appointing as my selling agent for my house in Silver Creek Country Club in San Jose. One had buying experience but not enough selling experience and that ruled her out. Another apparently had a lot of selling experience but his attitude was “just leave everything to us, we are very experienced”. However when pressed on details of how much renovation is needed and the cost of renovation; recommended selling price etc. he was short on specifics and said that he would provide all these details only after I signed on.

Tiffany was the true professional of the three. She took the trouble to have a renovation contractor provide a detailed break-up of the renovation needed – at very competitive rates; provided a target price with solid reasoning on arriving at that price: not too high to scare off potential buyers and not too low to jeopardize seller interest.

All this enabled me to plan the renovation and estimate the proceeds of the sale well before I signed up with Tiffany. Seeing her professionalism it was obvious to me that she would be my choice for selling agent.

After the renovation was done – she and her husband developed a virtual tour that was truly magnificent. Everyone I showed the virtual tour to – was completely smitten by the passion that went into developing the virtual tour. To top it off, she got me an offer at asking price ONE DAY after my property was listed and also negotiated a higher price from the prospect so that we could close at a mutually satisfactory price after another couple of days.

My property was sold within 1 month of listing the property – the only delay being routine processing delay by the buyer's bank. Needless to say, Tiffany was very professional in everything she did. I recommend her highly to others and I wish her the very best in her real estate career.

Seller of 5713 Capilano Dr CA 95138

Tiffany is very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable real estate agent. She has vast experience in this field. She is very punctual on time and prompt in her service. She goes above and beyond to help her clients. We took her service in buying our current house and selling our town house. I wish Tiffany good luck for her future transactions.

Seller of 3944 Mosher CA 95135

We met Tiffany at a open house in San Jose, she was the seller agent and she gave us very useful and honest information. We didn't get the house she was selling but were very impressed by her.
We called Tiffany when we were selling our small townhouse in San Jose (near Campbell), I was afraid our house was not fancy enough to interest her, but I was totally wrong. She made me feel our case is very important to her, and she shows up right on time for our first meeting the same day we called. 
Here is what you will get if Tiffany is your seller agent:
 - Complete worry-free process from pricing, cleaning up, re-modelling to staging (included). In our case we upgrade most of kitchen, new painting, carpet, bathroom lighting; all we need to do is to make sure we like the color and materials she picked and pay the contractor; jobs were beautifully done;
 - Things will move very, very quickly; she'll lay out the whole plan of when to do what without gap between each job; she has her whole team of contractor all with very reasonable price;
 - Hight quality of service; during the whole process we feel almost like we are the only customer she has; she pays attention to all details. Our first buyer didn't go through and she had a 2nd open house right away without us asking for it; she'll follow up with buyer agent 20 times a day if needed (literally). 
 - Respect and integrity. Not just for us, but also for other parties, too. She'll remind me to keep appliance manuals well for buyer; she'll check if her signs will interfer with another sales in our community before she puts there. 
We don't have a comparison base since it's our first time selling a house, but I truely believe there are good reasons she's the top 5% agent in Intero, and we wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants to work with a dedicated, responsible and professonal agent in this area. 
Seller of 3671 Cabernet Vineryard CA 95129 

John K., Evergreen CA
June 2012

We were so lucky to meet Tiffany Trang, a realtor from Intero Realty to sell our home.  

At the first meeting this remarkable, smart and pretty lady made an impression on both my wife and I of her knowledge of real estate in the Evergreen area in S.J.  Ca.After she came over to our house and saw it in good condition after 22 years, she said no "Staging" is needed in this house.
However the house is 22 years old and the exterior needed to be painted, some minor things needed to be fixed. So she got her contractor and supervised all the work that had to be done.
We didn't have to worry about anything. It was a breeze for us...Not to mention how inexpensive and a beautiful job they did.

She had them do all this within 3 days getting it ready for the open house that same weekend. Needless to say that she has guided us in the pricing of our home so it is valued right and compatible with the area sales. The first weekend of her open house it drawn over 100 people to visit our house.

Great marketing skills Tiffany!

She has put at extraordinary effort and time to co-ordinate al
l aspects of the sale which has commenced in a short 11-12 days and the price was over bid by several buyers. We were and are very satisfied and extremely happy to have Tiffany Trang as our Number 1 realtor. Her and her husband Henry and cousin Thomas we a dream team to driving everything to a point.

If you want to sell your house and you want an expert I recommend Tiffany Trang
to be your number one realtor and take the worry out of your days.

John K.
Seller of 3253 Charmat Ct, San Jose Ca 95135  




Priya D., San Jose CA
Evergreen home buyer

June 2012 

We worked with Tiffany to buy our first home and, as any first time home buyer, we were very nervous about the entire process. We couldn't have succcessfully made it to the end of the process without Tiffany's guidance and advice. She was there for us every step of the way carefully explaining the process and did not rush anything. She works with an excellent and efficient team of people from the mortgage lender to the Escrow officer and as a team we were able to close on our house much earlier than expected. The entire process was smooth. Thank you, Tiffany!


David Z., Evergreen CA
Evergreen home buyer
June 2012

Tiffany is a celebrity in Evergreen area because you can see her name on the sign post of home sale very often. A lot of people in Evergreen use her as seller agent because of her good reputation, experience and efficiency. However, we used her as our buyer agent. She is very knowledgeable and experience, she showed and walked through with us the houses we were interested, compared and explained the pro and con of each house. She was also patient, never pushed us to bid the houses, left us time to analyze and make decision. She also recommended a very good mortgage expert to solve all the financial problems. Under her guidance and advices, we successfully won our dream home. She also pushed the lender and title company to get the closing day a lot earlier than expectation. The processing was very smooth and we met a lot of friendly professionals. After the deal close, she did not forget us. She was very helpful for us to find the quality companies to do some upgrade and maintenance. She also provided help directly to fix minor issues using her contractors, all cost on her. No matter how busy she was, she always showed up to supervise jobs until they meet her standard. When we used her service to buy a home, we are getting whole care like a family. It was a really pleasure experience to work with her. 



Evergreen CA
Seller in Evergreen
May 2012


We used Tiffany to sell our house in Evergreen. We needed to make minor fixes and then list it. From the time we signed her up, she took complete control of the entire process. She scheduled all the work (painting, carpets, cleaning, junk removal), got great quotes for the work that needed to get done (and I paid the workmen directly, she didn't make any money on that), and supervised and approved the work (better than I could have because she does this for a living and knows what to look for). If she needed something from me, she reminded me till she got it. All the work was done in 2 weeks. Her husband does all the online stuff, and he did a great job with photos, videos, email posting. They sent out photo postcards by US Mail to all potential buyers and everyone in the evergreen area that I spoke to. Her philosophy is to be fully prepared and have only one open house as far as possible. It worked great for us (granted its a seller market). In the 4th weekend after signing her up, we had an open house. By tuesday we had multiple offers. On Wednesday we shortlisted our buyers. By early next week, we had a deal in place. Tiffany pushed the bankers and the title agency to get things done quickly. We closed  escrow less than 30 days after that agreeing on a selling price with the buyer. All in all, it was a very smooth experience for us. I had to do little more than fill out some paperwork. It took me more time to sell my car because I had to do everything myself. As a seller, I think Tiffany sets the gold standard for service. I wish all service providers were this good.

Dawn & William, Evergreen CA 

Dear Tiffany,

Thank you so much for all your time and efforts to make the sale to happen. The transaction is not as smooth as we thought, but eventually it went through. It attributes a lot to your capability, people skills and experience. We are very much impressed. You are absolutely the best real agent in Evergreen area. Hope we'll have more chance to work together in the future. We'll definitely recommend you if my neighbors/friends look for a real estate agent.

Thanks again,

William and Dawn


3312 Camarillo Ct, San Jose CA 95135



Kelvin & Joan, Campbell CA



When we were ready to move up from our house to a bigger home, we were 
faced with the daunting task of coordinating the sale of our existing home and
the purchase of a new home. 


Tiffany's friendly and knowledgeable demeanor was able to put us at ease at an
inevitably stressful time of our lives.  She was always very responsive, often sending
us updates and even responding to our emails in the middle of the night.  There was
never a time we felt that we were being given less than full-time effort.


For our new house purchase, Tiffany helped us draft a strong offer, arranged for
inspections, coordinated with our loan agent, and helped us ask the right questions. 
To sell our existing house, she helped us with every aspect of the sale.  Marketing
was top notch that included printouts, bound information folders for prospective
buyers, virtual tours, and postings to multiple web sites.  And while some realtors
charge extra for house staging, Tiffany arranged to stage our house for us.  We were
shocked at how good our house looked!  More importantly, she guided us in
determining a listing price that would meet our goals.  We were expecting 4-5 months
to sell our home in one of the toughest markets in years, but we started getting offers
the day after we listed.  Before we even held our open house, we had multiple offers. 
Tiffany helped us choose the best offer and helped us negotiate the best terms for both parties. 


We are more than happy Tiffany’s services.  We will be contacting Tiffany for our future real
estate needs. 


Thank you Tiffany!

Kelvin and Joan




1520 Boone Dr, San Jose CA 95118 






Lisa and Wei, Evergreen CA  




Since we live in Evergreen area, we actually attend a few dozen of open
houses during the last year or so. We were very impressed by those
hosted by you. So when we decided to sell ours, we were anxious to talk
to you to find out if you could represent us.

Now that our house is sold in such a short period, under today's slow
market, with everything went so smoothly. We feel very lucky to have
your professional help. We definitely made a good choice by dialing your
number, and wish you good luck on your business. 


Best regards,
Lisa and Wei



3944 Mosher Dr., San Jose CA 95135




Arthur and Christina Wang, Evergreen CA


I think one of the best decisions I made in my life was to hire you as our listing agent
for our property at
3233 Falls Creek Dr

Your in-depth knowledge of the neighborhood, your responsiveness and commitment to professional service made a huge difference. 

If you come to visit Southern California, feel free to drop by our house here.

Thanks and have a great day! 

Arthur and Christina Wang

3233 Falls Creek Dr, San Jose CA 95135 


Sukhi Cheema, Evergreen CA 

I am writing this letter to give a very big thanks to Tiffany Trang, who sold my property and helped me buy a new place. We had initially gone with another realtor and house was on the market for over 5 months without being sold, we then hired Tiffany and she sold it within a week.  I just wanted to add that she also helped me greatly buy my new house in evergreen and I’m absolutely delighted with my new home. 

Tiffany went out of her way to help me and deserves all the praise for a job very well done. 

Thanks Sukhi Cheema  

3331 La Costa Way, San Jose CA 95135 


Samar & Mike, San JoseCA 

We recently had the pleasure of working with Ms. Tiffany Trang and the Next Generation Realty team to sell our home. Tiffany was highly recommended by a friend who also sold his house through her. The whole experience with Tiffany and team was top notch. Tiffany was always prompt, responsive, energetic and always had the right answer. Her experience was obvious during the negotiation phase. 

This is truly the model all agencies should follow. We will never look anywhere else for our real estate needs.                             

Samar & Mike.
379 Maeve Ct., San Jose, CA 95136 


Rameysh Ramdas, Evergreen CA 

We recently used the services of Tiffany Trang to buy our home in the Evergreen area and am sure glad that we went with Tiffany as our realtor.  The only mistake we made was in not listing our previous home with Tiffany based on an erroneous assumption that she would not be interested in selling homes outside of Evergreen. 

Tiffany brings exceptional customer focus & responsiveness, efficiency, integrity, and effective negotiation skills based on a solid understanding of the local real estate market.  Tiffany was patient as we were very selective in our choices and particular on a few criteria. Tiffany pre-qualified available homes based on our criteria and was very honest and upfront with seasoned advice on the pro and cons of each property. We decided on a home which was one of her own listings ! In a testament to her integrity, Tiffany would only present our offer after waiting a few days to get other competing offers. This assured both the seller and us that the offer was market tested. 

She has an efficient team - from her assistant to the escrow company she uses- every step was on schedule and conveniently done. Tiffany used technology smartly - from PDF files in email to virtual tours, etc throughout the process.  From letting in contractors to do some re-modelling to getting cleaners and in arranging a mover for us- Tiffany pro-actively offered to help us at every step of the way. 

I would un-hesitatingly recommend Tiffany Trang for your real estate needs.

Rameysh Ramdas  


Manoj & Indu, Evergreen CA 

Last year we started to look at upgrading from townhouse to a single family house. Tiffany's team quickly worked out the range we can upgrade to. She got us a good price for our new home. She also advised us very well on how to stage our townhouse for sale. Thanks to excellent staging and good timing, we got an offer within first week of listing. She also managed to close our townhouse sale and the new purchase on time. Doing two transactions is stressful but Tiffany and her team worked efficiently to make it smooth. We highly recommend Tiffany Trang. 

Manoj and Indu  

3204 Vinifera Dr., San Jose CA 95135


Vijay Shree & Ravi, Evergreen CA

Tiffany recently sold our house in evergreen area. We feel that choosing Tiffany as our real estate agent was the best decision ever. In this slow market where houses sit for a long time, Tiffany sold our house in just two weeks. She took care of every thing needed for selling our house including all the inspections, disclosures, virtual tour etc.

Tiffany is wonderfully efficient agent. She absolutely knows her business and took all the hassle out of the transaction for us. In no time at all we felt she was our friend rather than an agent. Tiffany’s professionalism along with her friendly nature and positive attitude helped a great deal to close the home this soon. She will be our agent in all our future real estate transactions. We would highly recommend Tiffany to all of our friends, family and others. 

Thanks for your help ..

VijayShree & Ravi, Evergreen
3256 Shiraz Pl., San Jose CA 95135



Anu & Anil Virmani, Evergreen CA   

Tiffany Trang is an excellent realtor. She helped us through the selling process of our home. Going through this the first time, we were a bit concerned but Tiffany made it all so simple for us. Her guidance and inputs through out the process were right on. The house sold in a day with an excellent above the asking price offer. Tiffany took care that the closing of the home went without any hiccups. Her positive energies, enthusiasm, expertise, excellent inter-personal skills makes her an extremely good real estate agent. We would recommend her strongly! 

Anu & Anil Virmani  

3360 Bel Mira way, San Jose CA 95135 


Andrew and Sue, Evergreen CA


Thank you for providing excellent service selling my former house and helping me to buy my new home. I contacted you after seeing your "for sale" signs all over Evergreen. I originally expected to interview several agents. But there is just something about you that gave me confidence. After your interview, I knew you should be my listing agent. That was an excellent decision. You sold my house in less than a week at a price higher than I expected.

You understand that buying and selling a house can be traumatic. Communication is your key skill. Your constant phone calls and follow-up kept me informed and reduced my stress. In the past, I have bought and sold several homes. None of the other agents, even full 6% agents, have ever worked harder to make each deal work. You offer more than full service at a bargain price. I would highly recommend you to anyone.


I'd like to thank you for the excellent service you provided in selling my house in San Jose, Evergreen Hills. You were very professional, pleasant, dependable and helpful through out the entire transactions.  

There are many real estate agents in the area and I'd like to let you know that you are definitely one of the best that I've worked with. I'd refer you to all of my friends for your excellent service in the future. Thanks again. 


4320 Mac Kinwood Ln, San Jose CA 95135 


Praveen & Ruchi, Evergreen CA 

We recently sold our house through Tiffany in the Evergreen area.

Overall our experience with Tiffany has been extremely good. She did a great job in following through each and every item and negotiating the price.

We were looking for an agent who was familiar with the area, can bring in potential buyers, has great negotiation skills, and easy to work with. We interviewed various agents and selected Tiffany.

Tiffany was always prompt. She never pushed on any specific offer/price. She was willing to work how so ever long we take to decide.

We also want to thank Henry for all his impressive work in flyers & mlslistings. He is prompt, hard working, and very nice person. He even gave us our virtual tour on a CD for memory.

We'll highly recommend Tiffany for your real estate needs.

Praveen & Ruchi.

4684 San Lucas way, San Jose CA 95135   


George and Maria Hoffman, Evergreen CA
Oct 20, 2006 

To Whom It May Concern: 

If you want to sell your house and your looking for a trustworthy professional realtor that won’t charge you an arm and a leg, you don’t have to look any further. We want to tell you our story.  

Two months ago we decided we were going to move to Europe.  We wanted to sell our home very quick without sacrificing the price.  Within a week we interviewed many realtors and we decided to go with Tiffany Trang.  It was a no brainer!  Tiffany’s professionalism, market knowledge, and negotiating skills fully convince us she could do the job.  

Tiffany put together a great marketing campaign with quality flyers, virtual tour and MLS and Craiglist listing.  After the open house we received multiple offers and Tiffany was able to negotiate an offer above the asking price.  The house was sold within 10 days.   

We want to thank Tiffany for the wonderful job she did selling our home.  We were incredibly impressed with her knowledge, professionalism, hard work, and friendly service and we want to highly recommend her to you.  


George and Maria Hoffman 

3550 Jasmine Circle, San Jose CA 95135  


Bernie & Shelly Romero, Evergreen CA 

Tiffany Trang, from Next Generation Realty was our realtor in the recent selling of our property at 86 Pleasant Ridge in San Jose. Her professionalism, honesty, knowledge, hard work, trustworthiness and friendly service are all traits that one should look for in a realtor.  

She aggressively advertised this house on the MLS, Craigslist with a virtual tour and canvassed the area with numerous fliers. She held one open house the first weekend and on the following Friday we were signing paperwork for the sale. We will be selling another two properties and there’s no way we would not have Tiffany Trang as our realtor.  

Tiffany Trang made the whole experience very easy. We recommend Tiffany Trang most highly for all of your real estate needs.  

Bernie & Shelly Romero 

3096 Delta Ave, San Jose CA 95135 

Tom & Bev Brown - Evergreen CA 

Hi Tiffany

Now that our house sale has closed, Bev and I felt that we should give you our impression of the whole process of selling our home. 

As you will recall, we interviewed with 7 agents, including one who was arrogant and another who did not seem to care.  

When you presented your marketing plan to us during the interview, your package was better than everyone else's, and, you shared information, insights and other ideas with us that went beyond what the more traditional and stodgy broker would share. This showed your passion, honesty and integrity, and with your personal style, told us that we should "take a chance" with you. 

After working with you, and having sold 3 previous houses the more traditional & expensive way, we can tell you that your services and support were better than any we had experienced before. We also heard about other experiences from our neighbors and they could not believe how committed and dedicated you (and Henry) were in trying to sell our house. They saw the constant parade of people and witnessed more Open Houses than they would have expected, including showing the house to one couple on Thanksgiving Day! 

We were especially impressed when you pulled out all of the stops when the market started to decline and we started to approach the holiday season, the most difficult conditions in which to sell, but you pulled it off. We also really appreciated all of your assistance and insights in preparing the house for sale, including all of your contacts who helped to get us ready. 

We can definitely say that when we sell our new house in 5-7 years that we hope that you will take us on as clients again, and we know that we won’t be “taking a chance”. 

Best regards,

~ Tom & Bev Brown

Evergreen, CA
January, 2006 

4034 Carracci Ln, San Jose CA 95135 


Nandini & Mani - Evergreen CA

We recently hired Tiffany's services to sell our home. We were very pleased with her openness, flexibility and integrity. Prior to hiring her, we interviewed five agents including one low commission agent and corresponded with another agent via e-mail.

We sold our home in 10 Days with Tiffany! 

When we started the selling process, Tiffany did a thorough CMA(Comparative market analysis) which helped determine the right price. She was very clear in explaining the fix-ups required, inspections and disclosures. She believed in full disclosure and so did we. These we believe were very helpful in making the quick sale. Also Henry (Tiffany's partner) had pretty helpful suggestions towards improvement. 

Throughout the process we never had to leave our home. She worked around our schedules and set up appointments at convenient times. Totally handled the open house process including adding some decorations which was a pleasant surprise.

We had four offers three of them were from buyers directly represented by Tiffany. This in our opinion speaks volumes about her integrity as an honest broker. The only regret we have is that we did not buy our home through Tiffany instead of settling for "someone we knew." 

We strongly recommend Tiffany's services to anyone who is interested in buying/selling. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions. 

~ Nandini and Mani 

3098 Linkfield Way, San Jose CA 95135 


Venu & Gayatri - Evergreen, CA 

We bought our new home through Tiffany who was also seller's agent. We liked her for the way she was presenting the property and her fairness. We decided to sell our then home through her. We later realized that was one of the best decisions we made to sell our home. Tiffany and her partner Henry are so nice and helped us staging our home and listening to our feedback and concerns. Tiffany worked hard and late hours too during the sale. We would strongly recommend Tiffany for buying or selling home. In fact we already recommended Tiffany to some of our friends and colleagues.


~ Venu and Gayatri 

3758 Jasmine Cir, Evergreen CA 95135 

May & Frank Fong - Evergreen, CA 

Tiffany listed our house at Jasmine Circle and sold it above listing price in a week. Tiffany, Henry and her team from Next Generation Realty did an excellent job. They were fast in getting the house ready for the market. All necessary reports were completed in three days. They kept us informed every step of the process. They were professional yet friendly and responsible. I will definitely recommend Tiffany to my friends.

Thanks, Tiffany, Henry, Deric and Quinn.

~ May and Frank Fong 

3569 Jasmine Cir., San Jose CA 95135 


Frank & Olivia Wang - Evergreen, CA 

Ms. Tiffany Trang, from Next Generation Realty was our realtor in the recent selling of our property at 3117 Linkfield Way in Everygreen Valley, San Jose. The whole experience of selling transaction is as smooth as a dream, or to be exact, better than expected.

She effectively highlights this house on the MLS,, Craigslist and Next Generation Realty for targeted buyer and a wonderful Virtual Video tour presenting the features/advantages. She held two days open house on the first weekend and followed with two days negotiation then we've signed the purchase agreement for this property. This is a well done plan and diligent execution and she (and Henry) are the key players to make the transaction so smoothly conducted. We don’t have to elaborate amount of the hard works behind this result. Important result is that both seller and buyer are happy campers.

Tiffany made the whole experience very easy and comfortable. We highly recommend Tiffany for all of your real estate needs.

~ Frank & Olivia Wang

Evergreen, CA

May, 2006 

3117 Linkfield Way, San Jose CA 95135  


 Jack & My-Hoa Williams, Evergreen CA 

We want to thank Tiffany Trang for doing an excellent job in selling our house. She demonstrated a very high level of professionalism, dedication, and quality of service during the entire process. She has a courteous personality and showed an enormous amount of enthusiasm and talent in presenting our house to the prospective buyers. Although our sale transaction was complicated, Tiffany’s persistence and skills made the process easy for us, which was greatly appreciated. We encourage everyone to give Next Generation a no-risk opportunity to sell your house. Don’t forget to ask for Tiffany Trang.

~ Jack L Williams and My-Hoa Le 


 Mark & Jayflor Rosequist - Sunnyvale, CA

For Tiffany Trang:

I highly recommend this very fine realtor to anyone who is considering either buying or selling their home. Tiffany was able to sell our house in under 2 months and we had a million dollar home in the 95086 not the prized -87 zip code with its better schools.

This took a lot of effort on her part due to homes staying on the market and not selling very fast in this price range and this location of Sunnyvale. But she used her time wisely and held several open houses and personally contacted realtors and informed them of our need to sell soon and our flexibility with price. She also had to deal with me and my family already living in our new home out of state. She was able to email everything and coordinate all that had to be done very well regardless of our location & distance.

We found Tiffany very professional & pleasant to work with. She has a very sweet personality that really puts her clients at ease. She also is able to think on her feet as she was able to quickly offer suggestions and turn things around for the better on several occasions with little effort which created a seamless flow of progress from start to finally closing on our house.


~ Mark A. Rosequist

Jayflor A. Rosequist 


 Ray & Shilpa - Fremont, CA 

Tiffany Trang is an excellent realtor to work with for many reasons and I would highly recommend her services. She is very understanding and tries very hard in marketing the home and getting the best price for seller. Our home sold over one weekend with multiple offers, the experience and quick turnaround far exceeded my expectations and much of this was due to the effort and professionalism of Tiffany. One aspect of Tiffany that I really appreciated was her follow up with email and phone calls, she is very organized and articulate. Tiffany Trang and Next Generation Reality provide a great level of quality, service and cost.

~ Ray and Shilpa Patel